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This book describes how physics and chemistry are used in process of determining nature of various astronomical objects. Celestial mechanics describes how physics is applied in order to determine the positions and motions of astronomical objects. Described studies related to large scale structures of the universe are described in physical cosmology. However, they are not a part of astrophysics. In astrophysics it is described how chemistry and physics are applied to figure out the nature of certain astronomical objects. Astrophysics is a branch of astronomy (Astronomy + Physics = Astrophysics). Various principles from physics and chemistry are described in astrophysics. These principles are useful in ascertaining the nature of heavenly bodies, instead of their positions or motion behavior. Following objects are studied under this particular field:
Extrasolar planets
Interstellar medium
Cosmic microwave
Many things related to this field and their area of studies would be described in this book. It is going to be short and sweet even multiple books are not enough to cover whole concept of astrophysics at once. Book will start by describing the history of astrophysics. In the history, all important names, foundation of basic concepts would be covered. It will really be helpful for fresher since all basic concepts would be described and explained well. Astrophysics are usually learned or studied in two categories or sectors. First one is observational astrophysics and second one is theoretical astrophysics. Both of them are equally important since theoretical knowledge is important when one tries to apply these concepts practically. In the same way, there is not meaning of learning theories that has no use in practical implementation. In this book, both sectors are described in individual chapters. In those chapters, each important concept of these two sectors will be covered. Popularization is another important concept of astrophysics. It is also covered in a separate chapter. Overall, this book is a complete package for understanding basic concepts of astrophysics. Despite of this basic tag, these concepts are not that easy to understand since astrophysics is a hybrid concept of astronomy and physics.


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