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There is no definition of artificial intelligence (AI), but several. Ia is to make computers think like humans or that are as intelligent as humans. Thus, the ultimate goal of the research on this topic is to develop a machine that can simulate some human skills and to replace them with some activities.

Artificial intelligence is part of the Computer Science studies. The programs use the same language of conventional systems, but with a different logic. There are several ways to do this program. In some cases, the intelligent system operates with a simple logic – if the question is x, y is the answer. In other cases, such as studies on neural networks, the machine tries to reproduce the functioning of human neurons, where the information will be transmitted from one cell to another and combined with other data to arrive at a solution.

There are several branches of study in intelligent systems, each one dedicated to a particular aspect of human behavior. For example, some robots study and worry about the driving part. Other areas have addressed speech, with the goal of creating machines that can talk, understand the language and their meanings. The professor also claims that all research is highly specialized, and therefore no one is engaged in building a machine that reproduces the human being in its entirety – as in science fiction movies. Also, for this reason, robot production is very unlikely to become more intelligent than humans and can be “rebel”. Many experts do not see the possibility of Android similar to man. There are studies that try to make the computer be able to learn, but even so, he still not aware of the world. Follow this e-book some of the major and controversial issues around the Artificial Intelligence.


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