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The fact that a successful professional life and a stable andhealthy personal life is not only dependent on intelligence is wellestablished. While there are many contributing factors, EmotionalIntelligence plays a major role. People with high EmotionalQuotient can understand and manage others’ and theiremotions better. They are more adaptable and empathetic.

Emotionally intelligent smart leaders interact better with theirsubordinates and are better decision-makers. Mindfulness andfocus can take one’s career to a different level. Daniel Goleman,who popularized the concept of EI has rightly said, “As much as 80% of adult “success” comes from EQ.”EI affects thehealth of people. Even doctors agree on the healing powers ofthe human mind. EI is not something that is woven in thegenes but can be improved by practice. Introducing children toemotional learning helps them in their studies and in developinga positive outlook.


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