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Algorithmic trading is an exchange mechanism where computers make choices about what to buy and sell in the money markets. The purpose of algorithmic trading would be to either make money by buying lower and selling higher or to minimize transaction costs by effectively buying or selling large volumes of financial commodities. Depending on those guidelines, the computer determines when and how much to buy and sell. And these norms are designed by manual efforts. Algorithmic Trading typically involves understanding of the financial marketing domain, programming, and knowledge related to data sciences.

Algorithmic trading can be broken down into two segments:

The revelation of market inefficiencies: People are looking in the markets for something unfair that they can leverage. To illustrate, if two exchanges value a similar financial product differently, there may be a variance.

People devise a plan to exploit the business incompetence they have detected. It entails determining the ideal moment to buy and sell, the exact quantity to buy and sell, and how to end the trading operations.


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