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Silicon Valley is situated in Northern California and the unofficial capital of IT world. The most significant technology businesses made their headquarters at the San Francisco Bay Area. Genius innovators of past and present are the resident workers of this “mother-board area” of IT businesses. This is the place where ideas take shape. Since biggest of technology brands made their headquarters here, it is little surprising that almost a million IT graduates from all over the world work at this place.

Silicon Valley is the place where the best minds of Information Technology dream to work; this place is heaven for genius innovators. Billion dollar deals are very common here.

Hypothetically Silicon Valley has various meanings today; the actual Silicon Valley refers to the geographic location of the place where everything first started. But any location that boosts more than one IT company, thousands of employees are seen as “Silicon Valley” of that local area. Silicon Valley is hugely significant because of its contribution to the economy.

Nerds, intellectual, geeks, students from all over the world visit this part of Northern California every year to see what Silicon Valley work culture really is.


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