The Cuban Missile Crisis is the cold war held between the Soviet Union and America that last for almost two weeks. The confrontation was enhanced when Fidel Castro got the power from General Batista in 1959. The United States had many organizations and businesses settled in Cuba and it was one of the most important reasons for getting connected with the state.

The aggression started when Castro after getting the leadership renamed the American businesses in Cuba to the private belongings of Cuba and thus, taken all the powers of Americans to rule Cuba and get profits from their business. As a result, American people broke their relationship with Cuba and restricted the purchase of Cuban products including the Cuban sugar that was the essential and key product of Cuba.

Castro suffered a huge loss because America was the only country that buys a high quantity of Cuban sugar. However, it was their fortune that Russia helped the state by purchasing Cuban sugar at high prices.

Castro was very affected and threatened by the Bay of Pigs Invasion of United States. He knew that if the US attacksCuba again then he might lose his powers and the country. In order to defend the city and protect his powers, he made an agreement with the Russian chairman Nikita Khrushchev to site the missiles in Cuba to safeguard it from further attacks.

However, the US after realizing the missiles in Cuba thought that Cuba was wishing to invade America. Kennedy was concerned about the attack and his options were also limited as the missiles from his side were not prepared. To get relief from the war, Kennedy organized the Executive Committee of the National Security Council (EXCOMM).

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If Kennedy would have avoided the war by not responding to the missiles at Cuba then it had worst consequences on his political life. If he chooses to attack then it could have killed a lot of American soldiers and destroy the American cities.

Another option was to ally with the USSR by persuading it not to build up the missiles but America never joined hands with the Soviet or gave up as it never wanted to create a bad and weak impression in front of the public.

Kennedy opted for Blockade by which the USSR was not supposed to deliver any military equipment, tools, or other hazardous objects to Cuba. Even all the ships, cargos, and vehicles were thoroughly checked before it enters the city.

Although his advisers desired to attack, he did not listen to the suggestion and blockade Cuba. The blockade was concluded on November 21, 1962.

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