About this Book

Gone are the days when a successful career was based on the amount of money spent on a child’s education. Talent and hard work are the traits required to forge a relatively decent career in any industry. It takes more than just money to survive in the corporate world. Only those truly succeed who have worked hard and truly identify their true potential at a relatively younger age. Commerce education is on the boom nowadays. Apart from engineers, commerce graduates are aplenty in India today. This short course on accounting is suitable for not just students but for small business owners as well who wish to equip themselves with the basic knowledge of day-to-day accounting. While traditional accounting topics like credit, debit and tax-filing are all quite well versed by the vendors today, the modern-day techniques are something they are still missing out on. This guide will cover topics like balance sheet, cash flow statements and lastly the P&L. Finance and accounting remains the backbone of every organization. It is imperative that business owners are well versed with such techniques as the current market is an already a competitive one. Apart from businesses, accounting also remains to be an appealing profession for job-seeking individuals.

Crash Course: What does it mean?
Today’s learners lack the patience for pursuing courses which are lengthy in their time-duration. In order to cater to this problem, short duration courses, also called as ‘crash courses’ are specifically designed to impart the basics of any topic in a rather more direct and focused way. Instead of going around the bush for any topic, a quick and more concise approach is maintained. A crash course on accounting lets you understand the subject from the grass-root level and introduces you to basics such as taxation, accounting statements, cash flow diagrams, liabilities and assets etc. to name a few.

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