Basically, this theory was proposed by S. F. Scudder in the year 1980. As per this theory, all the living beings that are born on this planet have the ability to communicate with each other. However, the mode of communication differs from one living being to another. For example, human beings can communicate verbally and by their face or hand expressions, whereas animals communicate their hungry or need of medical aid by making different sounds. In addition, the plants communicate with the human beings about watering them by turning the leaf color or through drying of the leaves. In some cases, you can observe the dropping of leaves and flowers from the plants due to lack of proper care (i.e., watering).

Ideally, it is hard for a mom to understand the hunger of the kid until and unless they cry or ask them to feed. However, there is a wonderful way that a toddler can communicate their hunger to moms, i.e., by crying. This helps moms to understand that her tiny tot is hungry. Moreover, crying is also a way to communicate their pain when injured. This helps the people around you to understand that something is wrong with you and you need immediate medical assistance. This helps you to get the treatment on time. It would be hard to imagine the world, if human beings or any living being is not blessed with communicative power.

Basically, as per the communication theory law, it clearly states that human beings, plants, animals or other living beings will use various means of communication to express their happiness, sorrow or pain. Few forms of communication used by living beings include sound, speech, change of color, gestures, and body movements. This helps others to understand about your thoughts and feelings with ease. In fact, they do not need to scratch their heads to understand what you are telling.

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Communication theory can be better exemplified with a few examples below.

For instance, if you have scored less or failed in the examination, then your parents communicate with you, to show their anger for scoring less despite of providing all the comforts you needed. In addition, parents motivate their kids and tell them to improve their score in the coming examinations through communication. When you try to poke the stray dog, then it would definitely bark on you to show its anger besides warning you that you should stop irritating it. Alike to that of human beings, even animals also communicate through gestures and body movements. For instance, monkeys carry its babies along with it, whenever they step out and this is a way of communicating their babies that their mother is there along with them to protect and take good care of them. Ideally, peacock dances to grab the attention of its partner towards it during the monsoon or other pleasant season.

The most common means of communication that human beings communicate it verbal. When a person speaks, the encoded information is recorded by the human brain in a nick of time and decode the information besides allowing you to respond in a matter of seconds. Many people like to use this kind of communication over body movements and gestures.

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