Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco. YIP man was the grand master of martial arts in Hong Kong where he was sent to be trained by the master in the martial arts. Over a period, when he was trained well by the master in Hong Kong, as a teenage boy, he often entered into quarrels and street fights with many other fellow mates in the neighborhood. One such fight with a boy, who had big Chinese ties, became intense with so many complications to rise as a threat to his life. Therefore, his mother sent him back to the USA for his own safety.

Early life
There he went to pursue his educational career in the University of Washington. He supported his education with the part time works he did in various super markets, malls, restaurants and so on. Financially, they were not sound at that point of time. He made it up with the money he earned through the training he was offering to the youngsters around, who liked to learn the martial arts of the special kind. Bruce demonstrations pulled in the attention of the masses. That showed how capable his is in the trade. Students flurried in and he made sufficient money and gained some valuable recognition too.

Vic Moore was a 10th level black belt holder who went on to combat with Bruce on the ring for a challenging event. He was able to block just once out of the ten punches made by the legend, Bruce lee. Yeah, even though he could figure out that Bruce is about to send on a punch, he did not have the time to block it as the punches were thrown at him in refined style at a fastest pace. Such is the indomitable command of the master, who gained immense popularity quicker.

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Cha cha championship
Bruce won 1958-cha cha championship for his incredible ability to dance and those footages are something rare to find. He got into the cine industry later on with all these impeccable credentials to be able to dance well and fight well. Yet, the chances that came in was not satisfactory for him to continue those mean role in the Hollywood industry repeatedly. He decided to make a mark and went back to his place to make big movies in a short span of time. Of course, the movies hit the Hollywood screens too. That is how he made some whooping profits as well.

Chuck Norris felicitations
He bowed down to the supremacy of Bruce lee. When asked about the talent of Bruce, he said, if there is a real fight championship between him and Bruce, as a fight to death combat, and then Bruce would be the survivor. He admitted the fact that Bruce would win him in a real life combat. It is just because of the simple fact that he is extremely fast and always fit enough to do the best action that not anyone may expect.

He gives the opponent the least time to think and act and that is where he overtakes anyone in no time. If that is the case then why not the legend will go on to become a super star of the world? Yeah, that is what he deserved despite the unfortunate demise of the star in 1973, just at the age of 32.

Game of death
His corpse and the funeral footage for about forty minutes was part of the movie of Game of death that was released later in the year, 1978. Bruce lee was extremely talented in the martial arts and the reasons for his success were the sheer dedication and commitment to excel. Whenever there is a challenge, he faced the challenges without any fear. He did fear for anything in life. In fact, it is the sheer valiant attitude of his that has led to remarkable successes in life. Early life for the legend was not so easy, though. He had to struggle in the foreign land, where he was exposed to the mixed cultural races from varied ethnic groups.

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Washington is not a bad place to raise a kid at that point of time. His father being an opera singer in the hotels and events had least time to completely take care about the children, closely. That created opportunity for Bruce to mingle with the street people and enjoy street life for most of the time. That created him opportunities as well over a period. Being a gang leader he has the responsibility to shine amidst his followers and fans and wanted to stand out from the crowd. That is the major motivation for him to excel in his martial art skills and also dance. That helped him to enter into the Hollywood industry doing the later part of his career. His love with one of the fans, who were trained by him for special martial arts skills, was unlimited.

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