AI in military: its relevance

Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as the Industrial Revolution, has made enormous advances in science and technology across all possible territories. It has the power to bring about huge changes in the way normal civilian activities and military exercises are carried out. To date, achieving military dominance has been limited to just a few nations such as the US, Russia and China, which retain the overwhelming military superiority. Artificial intelligence, as a two-pronged innovation, may have fascinating ramifications in the subsequent period on the dispersal of military power.

The credibility of AI-guided headways has opened the extent of an arms race where the contemporary military skills will matter the least as time advances. As a result, middle forces bringing in AI-tech civilians even have the space open all the way to go after stable positioning. In this light, India will soon find it hard to join the AI race in the defense segment. It was observed in January 2019 that Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat announced that India could lag to the point of no return if the military failed to embrace AI’s virtues as soon as possible. While there is broad agreement on what AI is, i.e., performing assignments that people can undertake through a PC or digitally controlled robots, there are mixed feelings about how AI can be accomplished. When information science is the new standard in the tech business, it is seen that it tends to make it inseparable from AI in a well-known understanding.

Despite what could be expected, machine learning is just one of the tools that, in addition to natural language processing (NLP), robotics, automatic trains and other innovation mechanisms, have added to making AI mechanization. Thus, taking an all-encompassing approach to the AI scenario in India is crucial and not stifling it to the nation’s lack of data science-centric infrastructure.

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