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Art theory has great prominence since bygone era. Many people are fond of art and in fact artists are taking the art form to portray their views on any particular situation, trend, or a topic. The art theory was refined in the twentieth century by adding many other art forms. This visual language has huge demand since ages. People are exhibiting interest in buying these arts by shelling out astronomical prices. Every remarkable art piece has something portrayed in-depth. Art theory accentuates the concepts of modern and contemporary art practices. With the increase in demand for art theory, the educational institutions and universities have introduced this as one of the courses in their colleges. As part of this art theory, people, especially artists, designers, and craftspeople will get to study and interpret art in various forms and will learn how to generate ideas to project their artistic work. The art theory will teach about the society, history, culture, traditions, and social structure.

Read out this book to get a clear cut idea about the following concepts.
Define art shape and form
Various principles of organizations (composition)
Structural elements
Explain the visual language of moving objects aka film

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