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When the World War I set Europe and the other nations of the world on flames including the American public opinion, soon began under the influence of the war prejudice and propaganda the denouncement of the German army and the Kaiser as they were held responsible for the outbreak of the World War I. However, many writers and historians across the world have failed to give in or join the chorus. The historical sense of many writers and historians have told them that in the present case or in the past, not just country or just one man was solely responsible for the outbreak of such an epidemic and holocaust which left the entire world into shatters and upheavals.

A little study and the speculations of the various diplomatic documents like the White, Yellow, Blue, and Orange pieces of literature which were earlier issued by the English, French, German and Russian Governments; had convinced the writers of the world that these diplomatic documents were not relevant and reliable enough to come to the conclusion of holding Germany and a single person as the sole responsibility of aggravating the warlike situations in the World during the phase of the World War I.

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