Einstein told people to ‘try not to become a man of success’, rather become a man of value and this might spark conflict within people. Why can’t we try for both and why did Einstein tell people not to try to be successful? It’s a fact that everyone loves to be rich and powerful because they allow you to do a lot of things. Money is the answer to many problems, but not everything, but that alone is enough for most. But then, it’s a fact that many people chase after wealth and power without knowing what they actually really want in life. Everyone’s goal, in the end, is to be happy and if you cannot find something that you enjoy doing or be in the company of people that love you, you cannot be happy. You simply know that owning more than one house is going to be exciting and so is driving a sports car. But you cannot even realize what you truly seek in life, which can be found if you just analyze what really makes you happy in life. People need goals in life that help direct where they should go which help them to focus their attention. Many people resort to unfair actions in order to be able to reach their own goal, yet, they don’t realize how fragile and dangerous is their ‘happiness’ build upon. They are bound to haunt back if not them, the people around them and even their future generations. That is why it is important that one understand what true success really mean to them. It doesn’t always mean money and fame; in fact, it is most of the time isn’t about money and fame. For many people, happiness is as simple as living a content life with their family members.

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Others love to be able to indulge in their hobbies and interests as much as they want and some people enjoy the simple life of living in a peaceful place. One has to know what success means to him because nobody else is going to help them figure it out nor should they be determining what success if for them. Trying to become a man of value helps people achieve success in the best way and that’s not it. Value helps people become a better person overall because they become the kind of people others love to be around with. For example, altruism has been linked to mental health and people who tend to think about others and help those in need find contentment and happiness much easier compared to those who don’t. It helps people with depression to relieve their mind’s burden for several reasons. Helping others who then reply with gratitude makes people feel appreciated and prompt them to do more. As they help people who are even more in need, they begin to be able to see their own situation in a better light. In a relationship, having strong values allow one to find a partner who respects it. Strong values are also important in child-rearing because children easily observe and learn to do the same thing their parents do. All these things are more important than the typical misconception of success that people generally have. Then, what kind of values do you need to cultivate in life to achieve success? There is selflessness which refers to the will to sacrifice yourself for others. Self-sacrificing attitude is rare to find these days because people are, at its basic core, selfish creatures that prioritize their own survival. But human beings are also social creatures who always need the help of others. Compassion is an attitude that not everyone can have because it involves being understanding of others’ perils. It’s especially rare due to the fact that many people think that some people ‘deserve what happened to them’. Honesty is truly rare these days with lies being so common to find these days. You never know when someone is lying and making up stories about themselves or if your employee did not cheat on you.

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On the other hand, people are can be discriminative due to several reasons and nepotism is one factor. People can also discriminate based on race, family background and other factors that people can’t change about themselves. If you are Caucasian, you are Caucasian forever and can’t ask to be turned into a Chinese. Last, but not the least, is the value to be consistent because lately, people think being ‘flexible’ and ‘open-minded’ is easier. People do have different takes on things and sometimes, certain things are turning into trends that might be tempting you to follow on. However, those things are not right based on your principles and you are bending it just to fit into the community. If people notice this, you are in for a lot of trouble and can be perceived as an inconsistent fellow. Being consistent also means that you see your work through and not be distracted by things. Finish what you have started and eliminated distractions if you know they have been in your way.

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