Solar SystemSolar system is full of interesting objects and new surprises are discovered everyday by many astronomic agencies and institutes. Solar wind is one of many amazing objects related to solar system. Solar wind is a stream containing charged particles. It flows outwards from the sun. With its flow, it leaves behind a bubble-like region in interstellar medium. This region is referred as heliosphere. The flow of solar wind faces a point at which, both interstellar and solar wind possess same pressure. This point falls usually at the edge of scattered discs. If we go further than this, there comes the Oort cloud. It is possible the source of long period comets. Its distance is yet to be figured out. It is possible that it may be located thousands times further that where heliosphere is located. Our galaxy (in which our solar system is located) is named Milky Way. In Milky Way, our solar system is located in Orion Arm that is 26000 light-years from center point of our galaxy. 1 light year is equal to the distance, which light ray can cross in a year.

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