Communication refers to the meaningful exchange of information, ideas, or thoughts between people or between one end to the other. The entire process of communication is marked complete only when the listener is able to completely understand whatever is being conveyed to him/her/they by the speaker.

Communication acts as an excellent means for removal of misunderstanding and creates a clarity of thought and expression. It also facilitates the process of providing education to the people.

The process of communication marks the involvement of minimum of two people and a maximum that may range up to infinite. Miscommunication, however, causes disputes between the involved parties, hurts the feelings of others, etc. However, possession of the right set of skills helps the person in carrying out communication efficiently, effectively, and clearly.

There are many types of professional communication- oral, written, informal, formal, upward, downward, horizontal, diagonal, inter-personal, intra-personal, intra-departmental, and intra-organisational.

It is important for the companies and organisation to possess effective means of professional communication for proper working of management within the organisation and also for improvement of industrial relations.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to carry out communication with other people, therefore, it is necessary to know about the 7 C’s concept and the techniques that make communication easy for the speaker and the recipient.

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