PhilosophyPhilosophy is not a “Lifestyle”. Each individual does not have his or her own “Logic”. Philosophy is not just a hypothesis about something. Nor is Philosophy a conviction or a wish. Logic is an action: a mission after intelligence. Philosophy is a movement of thought. Philosophy is a specific one of a kind sort of thought or style of considering. Logic is not to be mistaken for its item. What a savant gives is a group of rational thought NOT a Philosophy. A philosopher authorizes a Philosophy, a journey after intelligence.

Philosophy is not what collection of thought one might want to call one’s own or might want to have faith in; a decision based on individual inclinations or sentiments. The reasoning is an interest. One can be philosophical. One can be a logician. One can NOT pick a Philosophy. Philosophy, seeing that it might be connected at all to a “lifestyle”, is a type of intuition intended to guide activity or to endorse a lifestyle. The insightful lifestyle , if there is one, is shown in an existence in which activity is held to be best coordinated when philosophical reflection has given that heading; e.g., SOCRATES the worldview of a thinker.

This was just what philosophy is anyway; want to know more about it? Read the entire book which covers the following topics:

What is philosophy?
The origins of philosophy
Belief systems, postmodernism and uncritical thinking.
Philosophy, opinions, and right answers
Branches of philosophy

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