Natural Essential Oils for HealthCooking oils occupy up an integral part of food making. These oils have been in use ever since cooking began, and some like the olive oil, ghee and flaxseed oil are some of the oldest existing forms of healthy oils still under use. Cooking oils are an essential ingredient of modern cooking since no food can be made without them.
Not just for cooking, but oils are used for other purposes as well, as far as health is concerned. Take almond oil for example, a well-known skin toner with 8% saturated content and 17% omega-6 fats. That makes almond oil to be one of the healthiest and a best fit for local use, although this oil has hardly been used for cooing purposes because of high content of monounsaturated fats (66%), thus making it an unsuitable choice for heat cooking. Almond oil is however, used as a dressing ingredient for several dishes and recipes.

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