Most Criminal Places in the WorldSince the end of Cold War, universal authorities have failed to keep pace with the economic globalization. Which is why extraordinary ingenuousness in finance, communication, trade and travel has created happiness and pecuniary development, it has also given rise to many prospects for felons to flourish their business. Systematized crime has differentiated, gone universal and stretched macro-economic magnitudes: illegal merchandises are obtained from one continent, trafficked to another, and promoted and sold in the third. Gangs are today are transcontinental problems: a danger to safety, particularly in poor and conflict cantered nations. Corruption is stimulating exploitation, penetrating trade and politics, and hampering the growth of the country. And it is discouraging authority by vesting all who function outside the decree. Human trafficking, drug cartels, counterfeit products, cyber crime, firearms, smuggling migrants and environmental resources are the main areas where crime is flourishing and there is nothing that seems to be able to put a stop on them.

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