What is on the do-to-list of a person speaks a lot about him. The to-do-list actually determines the things that need to be done and also makes it easy to remember them. The task which is most important should come first. Work in order and handle the priority tasks first. It is actually a checklist of things-to-do that one creates and completes within the time limit. Before heading out for a journey, one needs to prepare the to-do-list and include everything like the items to carry, when to leave the house and other priorities. Once a task is completed, just tick it off. What one adds to the list and how the tasks are accomplished relies on the situation. The list of things to do also acts as a motivating factor and ensures the timely completion of the activities. For an entrepreneur, it is an easy way to manage time and be productive. An entrepreneur is usually driven to various directions and while he cannot do anything about the interruptions, he can still decide how much time needs to be devoted to a particular task. Proper thoughts, conversations and then the action lead to success. One of the best tips to manage time is preparing the things-to-do.

Time management is important even for students. When the examination approaches, a student finds ways of making maximum use of time. The one who does a part-time job has to strike a balance between work, home, and university. To stay on the right track or to be organized, it is necessary to arrange one’s priorities. This may fabulously reduce stress level and make a huge difference between success and failure in life. To improve time managerial skills, one needs to list out everything to do. Never leave important tasks for the last moment and do things step-by-step. Inability to do important things can affect the quality of life, the level of confidence and the overall grade. A student should include university deadline and his work shifts on the to-do-list. It is also important to include the number of hours to be devoted to a particular task. To ease this process, a student or entrepreneur can utilize a task organizing tool working well and then add the list of priorities. In this digital era, we have apps for everything from booking cabs and watching movies to ordering food and this applies to to-do-list also. Download an app from the PlayStore to record the activities of the day. This will keep you more organized.

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Be careful when preparing a to-do-list. Proper planning is necessary to avoid repetition. If the list is not prepared properly, then one has to do that again and again. Take time to research on the things, plan out the activities and think about the tasks that are your priority. Make notes and prepare subheads for the activities. There are also different styles that one can follow to prepare the list of things to do. Avoid any sort of distraction and stick to the notes. Don’t delay the activities and stick to the time limit. To stay more focused on the tasks to do, exercise in between the works and tasks you do. This will boost brain power and clear the head while keeping you focused. If needed, review and reassess the to-do-list but do not make several modifications. Complete the tasks in a timely manner and then relax and unwind. Don’t create a very list of activities for that can add to the pressure. Be realistic and devote a sufficient number of hours to each task. Prepare the list of activities in a way that you are able to accomplish them. Failure to do so will drain your energy and bring down the confidence level. Do not try to copy the list of activities of your friend for each individual is different. What works for the friend may not work for you. At last, reassess or review the list to check how far they are accomplished.

Rank the activities as per the level of importance. It might seem straightforward to prepare the list of things to do, but it is not. There are a list of activities for the day, for the week and even for the month. Know one thing if the activities balloon to an unrealistic level, you will only feel overwhelmed. The list of things must be derived from the larger goal and should lead you to a bigger picture. Prepare the list of things a night before and hit the ground the next morning. This saves time for there is no need to spend hours thinking about what to do next. As morning hours are full of energy, keeping the to-do-list ready can make you more productive. One can use the super-charged minutes to the fullest and get the maximum outcome. A student who is weak in mathematics must utilize the morning hours to solve difficult problems. This should be in his to-do-list. Besides preparing the to-do-list, it is necessary to assign certain time estimates to complete the task. Depending on the difficulty level of the task, it may take 5 minutes to something around 5 hours to complete the task. A housewife can also prepare the to-do-list and include all the activities like cleaning, cooking, teaching children or other stuff. Take a realistic decision and think about how many tasks can be completed in a day.

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People who have a tendency to bump important tasks for the next day need to re-think and reflect why it is happening. If one is continuously bumping the important task for the next day, then it is a serious matter. Keep track of the days for which the task is postponed. Something is really wrong if the number of days keeps on increasing. Keep the list simple and straightforward. Don’t undertake multiple tasks at once and go one by one. Successful people complete one task at a time. This is where focus and prioritization meet to give successful outcomes. Be proactive and handle the first item first. Make these tasks and your goals the priority. If work feels drudgery, add fun things-to-do in between. Break large chunks of projects and plans into small-sized chunks to make them appealing and doable. Writing down the tasks-to-do relieves stress and makes one accountable. You can always re-schedule and re-organize things once again if unexpected tasks crop up suddenly. Making the to-do-list also helps to delegate responsibilities. As you strike off the activities already done on the sheet of paper, it relieves stress and makes you feel better.

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