What is randomness? It is simply an act or an event that is unknown to anyone and can happen at any time and any place. Two people are doing the same kind of jobs. Both are considerably rich for an average person. But one person looks more successful and makes more money than the other person despite being 5 years younger than him. Can it be because of random events working in favor of the man who is making more money? There is a possibility. But then, how long will it keep favoring the person who is making more money possibly by ignoring the presence of randomness in his favor? The answer is – not very long. Anything or any person who gets uplifted solely because of the presence of luck or the random event in their favor is bound to fall someday because no one can be lucky all the time. A few times, yes, but all the time – a big NO. The thing is no one can identify if a person is smart and intellectual or not just by looking at their bank accounts. It does not work like that. Sometimes a fool may be bestowed with a lot of wealth and riches all because of good luck turning up for him once in his life and rewarding him with a million dollars. But this does not mean that the person who won the lottery becomes smart automatically. But the good thing is, luck is more in favor of the person that knows how to use the probability of it turning up good for him is how much in each scenario. Even if they make a million dollars or not, this person is smart and intellectual in real sense.

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Randomness can be a good thing or a bad thing. It solely depends on the person on how he/she is using its principles and applications in real life. It all depends on being good at a particular skill and working hard at it, because the more good a person is at a particular skill, the more they are likely to be lucky in their line of work. Randomness is a very common thing in almost everyone’s life, whether they are making money or not, whether they are eating food or not, each and everything that happens to a person in their life is partly affected by the phenomenon of randomness.

The only issue is randomness cannot be accounted for in actual quantifiable figures because no one has been able to determine the quantifiable metric to measure it in actual numbers to understand how much exactly does it gets involved in the regular lives of people. Randomness can also be understood from the viewpoint of evolution and likewise, evolution can be understood from the viewpoint of randomness. Both of these terms are correlated to each other more than people realize them to be. Whenever evolution happens, there is at least one random event affecting it and at most, an infinite number of events. And likewise, whenever a random event happens, there is a start of evolution. So both are related very closely to each other. And a revolution can never be predicted just because the random events can’t be predicted. No one can understand how one event may impact the total outcome. Any single random event too has the power to change a revolution completely from head to toe.

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