Investment TheoryInvestment is the commonly used terminology in finance and real-estate. Basically, an investment is the saving done by the people for their future use. This is to be made by every individual to lead a happy life without making any debts for their future needs. Many experts say that, you need to save money and spend what is left after saving. This is a thumb rule that everyone has to embrace to lead a comfortable and rich life that they desired. There are different definitions for investment in different industry. Let us discuss what investment is in finance. Basically, an investment is a per unit production of products which are not used now, but will be definitely used in the future for further production. For instance, investment has both volatile and non-volatile goods. Ideally, volatile is nothing but building a factory and non-volatile is 6 or a year job training. Moreover, the definition of investment in real-estate is that, the person invest money in buying a property either for renting or residing. Basically, commercial realtors will rent the space bought, whereas the residents will dwell in the bought house.
In this book, we will be discussing about the types of investment in which people exhibit interest in investing, introduction to investment theory, various theories of investment including controversial theory are discussed in detail.

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