lean accountingThis book “Introduction to Lean Accounting” is right on target for the evolving practice of Lean Accounting. It explains fully the adjustments which have to be made in the accounts department of the firm implementing the lean methodology.

This book keeps lean accounting the centre point and talks about all the topics which have touched lean accounting in any way. This provides the reader with vast and extensive knowledge regarding the topic under discussion.

The book confers to the following topics one by one, taking small steps first, starting from the basics and then leading its way to the complexities.

What is a lean accounting?
Traditional accounting?
How come lean accounting is better than the traditional ways?
Vision on lean accounting
Implementation of the lean accounting
The principles of lean accounting
Application of lean to accounting system
Box score reporting
What will lean accounting do for you? (The Benefits)
Lean accounting value stream management explained fully
Issues with the value stream method

Each chapter of this book exposes the beauty of another facet of lean accounting. This is what makes this book different from other courses on the same topic. The language used is easily understandable and the context can be comprehended without any difficulty.

Read this book and find out yourself what it has got for its readers!

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