To create your own Instagram strategy you will have to follow few steps to plan a clear photographic description of your organisation. The strategy is going to be a great help to profile your product’s dream, of creating great on-brand satisfaction and delivering what the brand promises. I have listed a few points as to how you should go about creating a captivating Instagram strategy.

a) Pick a Simple Promise and Convey an Urbane Message
b) Craft a Distinct Visual Narrative
c) Base Your Story on the Four Pillars of Pictorial Storytelling.
d) Élite Your Storytelling Themes
e) Link Your Message with the Right Occasions

Create Your Visual Story

a) Pick a Simple Promise and Convey an Urbane Message
The best brands on Instagram commit to convey more than just pictures and videos to all who follow them; this fakes a sensitive connectivity to their brand understanding. Make sure that your brand’s promise is conspicuously conveyed through its Instagram strategy. The vision of the brand should be enough to capture people’s attention and get them closer to the brand. All the successful brands on Instagram tell their stories through imagery. Storytelling is an important skill in the making of a brand and Instagram provides the perfect framework for its implementation. A story is a bond between the customer and the brand and such bonds are always appealing, interactive and stirring.

b) Craft a Distinct Visual Narrative
Products are rewarded for voicing unique stories. The customers expect constancy and contents of high quality. They are quick to follow a good content but will immediately unfollow if they do not find it engaging. All marketers should find a way to keep the brand promise while keeping a balance of different themes.

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c) Base Your Story on the Four Pillars of Pictorial Storytelling
Authenticity, Sensory, Archetype and Relevancy are the four pillars that you need to use to get across your story to the users.

Authenticity: Most of the content is within the reach of the users because of the Internet and users seem to know the difference between fake and real. People love real images and appreciate messages which are personal and familiar. Authentic pictures do not require much editing which helps the people to understand its authenticity; they connect with the flaws as it makes the content look more real.

Sensory: Senses play an important role on Instagram as the images are required to fill the informational gap, which stimulates the user to imagine and fill these gaps in his or her mind with senses of touch, smell, sound or taste.
Archetype: Archetypes are a powerful framework that makes a story look like it can be related to ideas which are broadly applicable. There are 12 archetypes which have evolved traditionally from their characters and storyline. They are explorer, creator, hero, magician, sage, ruler, innocent, every man, caregiver, lover, jester and outlaw. These archetypes may be used to build a brands visual story and communiqué strategy.

Relevancy: Internet and globalization are continuously changing social thoughts and cultural significance. For example we are now in the era where Photoshop is widely in use and Dove came up with models that were not the regular stunningly beautiful girls. It was a cultural shift by which Dove braved itself and successfully created enduring connections with their consumers. Brands that dare to go out of the league have the prospects of making long term connecting with their customers.

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d) Élite Your Storytelling Themes
Some important points that need to be considered while plotting a brands content roadmap, videos for the four pillars, relevant content and the frequency of the post, are whether the brands storyline should be circular, linear or disruptive or which archetype is the storyline seeking to tell.
The app speaks for itself; since everything is visual the users also want to be traded on a story. The stories need to be stretched over a time and should have deepness to carry it forward by emerging, presenting and winding the new content. They should be exceptional and should have social relevance. Customers want to evidently comprehend the brands drive to scale its compatibility with their own selections.
Memorable stories are those we tell ourselves and our loved ones. Personal narratives leave a distinct effect on the consumers, attracting new crowd to the brand.

e) Link Your Message with the Right Occasions
Occasions are the physical exhibition of the charm of a brand. It is an experience or a moment that characterizes the story of a brand. A birthday party, a beach, group of friends in a café, a person exercising are all occasions which can signify a facet of the brand. The brand’s visual storytelling is determined by these occasions to make a storyline which your viewers can follow.

The customers find it easy to relate to moments. There should be precise topics comprised in your plan that can be implemented to drive viewer’s requirements, dreads and morals. A clear vision of the occasion that your brand wants to express helps in painting a larger picture of your brand.

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