The rule for living an ideal and most rewarding life is simple and straight: The most significant things in life should never be sacrificed to those that are the least worthy. Life always keeps juggling between actions and results. Irony is that all people look forward to leading a luxurious life. They aspire to become a millionaire; they want to earn name and fame; they want a toned body and beautiful looks. But, they forget a very famous saying “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Most of the people don’t see years of hard work, practices, strategic attempts and multiple failures through that successful persons might have been gone through.

The fact is that action and result are two interlinked factors; Action produces results and results determine the destiny. In a study, it has been found that 80 percent of the results we achieve in our life come from only 20 percent of the activities that occupy our time. It means, the actual deeds give shape to life, not only desires. In other words, we can consider, the better deeds one does persistently the better would be the results.

“Organizing a day” is a holistic approach to live a balanced and focused life towards success. It refers to organize the all activities of a day in a proper sequence as per their importance in life with a fixed schedule and under a specified timeline. Basically, it is a self-eccentric and self-grooming approach. Moreover, it sets harmony between action and time in everyday life to achieve the goals. Different people may have different goals in their lives. Some people may want to become doctor, some may want to become a successful sportsperson and others may want to become an actor or something else. Apart from achieving the milestone in professional life, two more things also come in mind while thinking about the most vivacious life: wealth and ecstasy.

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Due to lack of true enlightenment people have misunderstood that happiness comes from success and success comes through only grueling hard work. As a result, a relentless rat race has emerged in the world. On the contrary to this mistaken belief, the day management in synchronization with time permits one to cherish all the tangible and intangible things around while doing hard work.

Setting a goal and eliminating the unnecessary things out of life and given yourself a timeline to achieve the goal is the first step of the ladder to climb the success in the “organizing a day” plan. Giving words to the aim on paper always streamlines the dedication to work hard. So, to note down the goals and relevant actions to achieve them are highly recommendable. As everyone knows that a healthy body attracts healthy mind; so, eat healthy and exercise daily to stay fit to bear the brunt of challenges before obtaining the success.

Gossiping till midnight or sitting in front of the television will not count for anything. The secret of time management is early to bed and early to rise. Getting up early, apart from allowing more time for nourishing the relationship with wife and kids, enables to witness the marvelous view of nature which restores the enthusiasm and zest in the body.

There are a number of activities that are count for everything. Time spent connecting with nature and showing gratitude for all that you are so fortunate to have. Time spent renewing mind, body and spirit. These are just a few of the high-effective activities that will allow designing the life you deserve. These are the secret of fruitful organizing a day and time management theory. On the other hand, checking email now and then, surfing on social media again and again, being available for everyone all the time, sleeping for long time and watching television most of the time, are some sorts of time-wasting ways. Cut back on all these time spoiling habits.

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“Organization a day” is not to focus on something and discard at closing. It is a holistic system that could make all areas of life more balanced and fulfilling if applied correctly. By planning each day and taking the time to ensure that I am balanced in the use of my time, one could be far more productive and earn tremendous success in the long run.

The most productive people of the world have cultivated the habit of doing work in a more strategic way. They don’t do something different or unique; all they do is planning for every day and pledge to adhere with the plan.

“Organizing a day” teach how to be a master of living. Living a life rich with accomplishment and contribution did not have to come through the sacrifice of peace of mind. Begin to live each day as if it is the last day of life. Start today, learn more, enjoy more and do what you truly love to do.

The path to success is not a cakewalk. It is full of twists, breakers, barriers and potholes. So, always be flexible to take a turn else the path of success may backfire. Another important fact to understand is that other people have nothing to do with your goal and plan to achieve it. So, there unfavorable conditions may arise; at this, instead of waiting to let the things be normal, does not set a right tone for success. Hence, being flexible is the solution. Being flexible means to accept a change; mold yourself according to that change and keep working without losing hopes, go for alternative options if possible.

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Now comes the most underrated and neglected factors in the race to achieve the success and milestone; that are happiness and patience. Yes, it is true; happiness is not considered an important tool to use while chasing success. But, in the sharp contrast to this general misconception, the truth is that happiness is something that drives us ahead in life. In the face of adversity and bad times, while running behind the target, it is patience that comes to our aid and saves us from being totally collapsed by triggering calmness.

Always remember one thing by heart, what lies behind and what lies in front of you matters little in comparison to what lies within you.

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