The Generalist As A Professional

It is evident that a generalist is expected to be well equipped with the knowledge of all possible sphere and diversity of subjects, whether it pertains to past or present, history or science, literature or medicine, economics or politics, and so forth. It is given to understand that generalists have extensive knowledge of topics that cover a human life, the day to day activities, and the learning curve at the increasing rate, gained by sheer experience. The iota of experience and the applied knowledge are implemented in the working place where the person in question fits in any undefined role within the organization. For instance, a person with a common bachelor’s degree or master’s degree can be of great help at any department of an industrial unit, be that Accounts, Personnel, Purchase, and Sales or Administration including Human Resources, Operations, etc. However, a Chartered Accountant, who specializes in Finance and Accounts, can be employed to lead the Accounts department only with defined objectives.

Positives A Generalist Must Take Note Of

The door opens up for multiple job opportunities.

Enables effective career substitution.

The personnel on the top hierarchy level in any organization feel at home as they are laced with the knowhows of each and every facet of the business. It is the reason a majority of senior managers do possess an MBA degree to cater to the tricks of the trade.

The routine exposure to industrial intricacies and facing an emergency situation makes the administrator seasoned and mature.

It vouches for both vertical and lateral growth and development.

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The degree of job insecurity is nominal due to multifarious abilities to take up any departmental responsibility.

Pitfalls A Generalist Should Guard Against

Earning capacity is relatively on the lower side due to the inflated supply of human resources.

The job role is very demanding as the internal system of the organization is prone to relentless revamping in order to survive amidst cut-throat competition.

Too many options lead to disorientation of mind, and decision making gets more complicated to choose the best while searching for jobs.

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