There is always a hint of debate between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Should somebody think that intelligence is inborn and limited, there is every chance to fall in the well of fallacy. Therefore, the concept of growth mindset must be test-driven to reveal its true value.

According to a prominent American scholar viz., Carol Dweck, there are, so to say, two kinds of mindsets. One is a fixed mindset and the other growth mindset.

In the case of a fixed mindset, people often tend to assume that they have a fixed trademark that cannot be altered. Instead of working on the inner caliber and honing the natural skills, these people loiter within their prewritten script. The emphasis on talent is supreme and putting efforts is scarcely considered by an individual with a fixed mindset.

On the contrary, in a growth mindset, individuals believe that with passing time and experience, the learning and talent can evolve a new dimension. As and when people realize that they are becoming sharper, the importance of putting extra effort and hard work cannot be overlooked, which steers them with optimum performance to the highest platform of prosperity.

A student with a fixed mindset invariably prefers the basic skills, proficiency and intelligence to remain static within a limited territory. It is impressed that a child is born with natural talents and no extra effort is needed to further any development. The inborn qualities are enough to achieve the desired results.

Individuals, in general with a fixed mindset is supposed to act smart due to the conviction that they have come to the world with the first level of talent that cannot be extended. These people are afraid to look up straight and eye to eye as lack of confidence reflects on their demeanor. These persons always bear a negative attitude and are not able to redeem themselves in terms of progressive outlook.

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However, appertaining to a growth mindset concerned students, it is presumed that with adequate learning, efforts and perseverance, the inner skills and talents can be taken to dizzy heights. The fundamental aptitudes are merely starting point to expose the potentials soon. It is imperative to note that everyone does not have uniform qualities. But the essence is with equal guidance; every growth-oriented aspirant can be brought under a single umbrella.

An alternate way to develop a growth mindset is to be an avid reader and writer regularly.

A person’s firm convictions about self will hold him back from making positive adjustments. If an individual is unwavering in mind that the intrinsic qualities are irreversible, it might lead to nowhere.

How To Develop a Growth Mindset

Accept The Weaknesses

Try to chalk out plans by making small objectives and allowing self a decent amount of time to meet the ends.

Treatment Of Challenges

It is pertinent for human beings to make important decisions in every walk of life. Growing as an individual is a major component of addressing these rising challenges. The more challenging a person is, the wider are the possibilities of opening the door to wisdom. Offbeat challenges are proportionate to fresh opportunities.

Applying Right Strategies

Learning techniques are related to distinct knowledge distribution that learners find to be the most useful and can cope with the situation. Accordingly, once the learning mechanisms are identified, individuals become confident that the necessary understanding is developing and there is remarkable progress in the course of learning.


In human life, the brain forms the integral part that sensitizes every other body part to function. In the same way, it is significantly receptive to new environment and challenges and makes adjustments accordingly. Alternatively, this activity can be termed as brainstorming. One has to keep in mind that if the brain is not constant, the mind will not be fixed either. If a person feels that the brain is actively adjusting itself with new situations, the same individual is likely to embrace a growth mindset.

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Rank Learning Above All

Seeking approval from others is not advisable. Instead, it is suggested to learn new things without wasting valuable time. Learning is not specific and predictable. It does not confine itself to any boundary. To gain knowledge is important, regardless of topics.

Process Is The Focal Point

Enjoying the learning process is most vital. The process leads to cultivating the systematic approach to the concerned subject and a person with a growth mindset can complete a particular topic within a given time frame.

Sense Of Purpose

People with a growth mindset can view long-term objectives and carry a broader sense of purpose, being engaged in present responsibilities, keeping the result in mind.

Proper Learning Techniques

In the perspective of the growth mindset, it is not something to be learnt lightning fast. The learning has to be a systematic one with a precise approach to handle errors judiciously and go forward post resolving the issues in hand.

Acknowledge Efforts

One should be generous in approach and admire the smart works of others. It will help immensely to a person with a growth mindset to continue in performing with proficiency in terms of gaining sweeping benefits.

Friendly To Criticism

With a progressive (growth) mindset, one should treat criticism as a part of a learning process. It is by no means detrimental if a gap in learning is plugged by others. People might do it impulsively to bring an individual on the right track.

Learning Evaluation

People need to make certain that any amount of leaning is fully absorbed by the brain. It may cater to documenting a few things or a bit of research work. It will certainly enable performance assessment in the right direction.

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By identifying the optimum methods of learning, the relevant mechanisms of enhancing the growth mindset can be blended to produce the perpetual acumen that can be of unique assistance to anyone, especially a person who is considering shifting his stance from fixed mindset to growth mindset.

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