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The Korean War started in the year 1950. The world nations were suffering from severe crises, after the Second World War the time Converging into one more adversity that is the cold war, World nations were in a panic for many catastrophes to hit the human kind artificially sooner or later with the advent of the modern inventions in the name of thermonuclear weaponry. One of the significant wars that has close relations with the cold war tensions, and happened during the cold war era is the Korean War. Cuban missile conflicts and the Vietnam wars intense with stats that is more significant. They call it hence, to be a forgotten war by the Americans. The media did not expose too much about the Korean War for one reason or the other, just like how it did in the case of the Vietnam War or the Cuban missile conflicts.
Geographical divisions in the country, led to the political divisions too later on to becomes permanently as two different nations, North Korea and South Korea.
USA and USSR agreed to maintain the 38th parallel border pact, to guard the south and the north respectively, just after the Second World War. UK, USA and the USSR were the allies in the Second World War who took that decision against Japan. It was done forcefully to get rid of all those Japanese who lived in the Korean peninsula. Without any brutal military forces, the region was split into two territories in the peninsula. Yet, it was not expected to rise into a colossal issue eventually to the heights of the Korean War. Historians are quoting so many reasons for the outbreak of the Korean War. Stalin’s influence on the North Korean part was considered as a major reason for the outbreak of the war. At the same time the concern for china for the USA, to have better control over the southern part of Korea, was clearly a vivid point to not to forget there as well. Is it the nationalism of the locals or the imperialism of the foreign nations that has been a catalyst for the Korean War, is a true subject matter of research even today for the historians? Let us see the intricate details of this significant war in the history of the human kind so far.


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