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Human evolution can be considered to be a lengthy procedure of several transformations in which the people originated from the ape-like ancestors. There are several scientific evidence that reveals that the behavioral and the physical traits that are shared by all the organisms have originated from the ape-like ancestors. They have evolved across lengthy periods of approximately six million years ago.
One of the earliest human traits that have defined the human evolution, bipedalism is the ability for walking on two legs have evolved over four million years ago. There are several other human characteristics including the complex and human brains, the ability to make several innovative tools, along with the complex symbolic representation and elaborative cultural diversity have emerged mainly during the past several millions of years.
The script mostly focuses on the shortcomings of the Charles Darwin and his theory, the scientists have represented in the script are not merely critics of the existing paradigm. Instead, they go on to share a positive vision that much of the biology would make better sense from the perspective intelligent design rather than the unguided Darwinian theory of evolution. Often mischaracterized, the intelligent design is simply an effort to investigate in an empirical manner whether the coordinated features that are found in the nature are the result of the intelligent causes rather than the undirected process of the natural selection.
As the intelligent design focuses on whether the development of life was blind or purposeful, it directly tends to challenge the second aspect of the Darwinian theory. Nevertheless, the intelligent design scientists are free for critically assessing the actual evidence for the common descent, as they do in the given script.
Even if you consider yourself secular, religious, or something in between the two notions, the science of the origin of the human beings raises a deep and continuing questions about what is means to be human. The script is focused on the scientific arguments about the theories of human evolution. However, it should be clear that there is a larger cultural context to this never-ending debate.
As a famous quote goes as “man is the result of a purposeless and natural process that did not have him in mind”.


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