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The word Psychology is derived from two Greek words, ‘Psyche’ meaning ‘soul’ and ‘Logos’ meaning ‘science or study of the subject’. Therefore, psychology is commonly defined as the science of mind and soul. It considerably lays its focus over the hidden processes and phenomena of human experience and behavior. The studies of these behavioral processes are carried out at individual, dyadic, group and organizational levels.
The study of mind and behavior is carried out by trained professionals known as Psychologists whose work is to carry out the study of an individual’s mental functions, social behavior, cognitive functions along with physiological and biological processes. The psychologists are mainly classified as a social, behavioral and cognitive psychologist.
The psychologists make use of psychological knowledge and assessment techniques for solving problems of behavior and mind. These professionals also aim towards understanding the cause of the problem and opts out for the best solution to the problem. The mode of assessment can be through the involvement of psychologists in therapeutic role, counseling or clinical practicing.
Psychology is considered to be a subject that can solve the various curiosities of a human’s mind and nature and can even provide appropriate solutions to our various problems be it personal or problems within a large community or organizational setting.


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