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The playfulness has great potential in education and children have a natural attraction to games because of the interactivity that they are proportionate. Games are known as the most promising to teach concerning other traditional methods. Working with fun and education to promote knowledge is promising, especially to be noted that the new generation grows inserted in the era of Tecnopólio, acquiring skills naturally when interacting with technological devices. Ludic and education need to walk closer and closer to the technology so that the time spent with electronic devices also generate positive results in education. However, investing in educational games like memory game for children is not enough, the game should instigate to be attractive, and for that, you need to explore the use of new technologies that can strengthen the playful teaching-learning process.

Recalling that play is a fundamental right of all children worldwide, every child should be able to take advantage of the educational opportunities geared to meet their basic learning needs. The school should provide opportunities for the construction of knowledge through discovery and invention, and these elements are essential for the active participation of the child in their midst. The choice of theme is linked to the professional activity in kindergarten area. Associate education of the child to the game is not something new.


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