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Brainstorming exists at the core of every organization working at different levels and in different stages as companies try to stay ahead in the competitive race. It is recognized as the efforts of a team to find a solution for a problem with the help of a list of ideas which are contributed by the members of the team. Not only does it help in solving problems more effectively, it also creates a level of camaraderie in the team by motivating and developing the team to work towards one goal.

With the help of this book, readers will be able to understand the history of brainstorming, its origins and how it came into existence. The continuous development of brainstorming as organizations embraced it in the form that it exists today, from Alex F. Osborn frustration to get his employees into bringing creative ideas to the desk to computer supported brainstorming which is being utilized by many organizations today to create a pool of ideas that can be accessed quickly and easily.


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