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What makes goal setting so important? What is the exact science behind goal setting? Is goal setting the best way possible to achieve the goals?
Goal setting is the most important day to day activity that is being executed in order to achieve the expected results in the long term. Three best methods to set goals are; S-M-A-R-T, The 4C-F, and backward goal planning.
Goal setting theory explains the science behind the nature of goal setting. Specific, challenging and feedback are the most important elements of achieving a goal. However, there are also some negative or side-effects of goal setting.
Goal setting process is failed due to a lot of reasons such as not knowing how to set goals, fear of failing, and rejection. Raising above all the stereotypes help in making the goal setting process successful.
It is important to set goals so there should be no leading towards misdirected path on the way to the desired results. Goals should be time-bound, and the resources available should be considered while setting the difficulty of the goals or it might backfire with disappointing results.
Communication while executing goals in a group is a very important and noticeable factor in achieving the target or prime objective of the group or company or an organization. Without goal setting, there will be no sense of achievement after completion of a certain task as there will be no base available to compare it with and hence there will be no happiness in doing any task.


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