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A score of General Intelligence Quotient (IQ.) Derived from a statistical number that indicates similar and relative capabilities that can be used to obtain data on the academic and practical knowledge. Everyone has hundreds of specific mental abilities. Some of these capabilities can be accurately measured. Some of these actions can be reliable predictors of academic achievements of an individual.

THE IQ. It is expressed numerically and results from the following formula:

A Q.I. Equal to 100 will be revealing a normal intelligence; Q.I above 100 indicates a higher intelligence than average; Q.I below 100 indicates a below average intelligence.

Although an IQ test measure only some of the mental capacities of a human being, these capabilities are used as a standard because they are well known and allow to correlate many other human capacities. The highest scoring in a capacity measures both the higher expected that scores the capabilities that were not analyzed since they are more or less simultaneous capabilities.

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