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Football is also known as association football or soccer. The game is played across the globe in more than 200 countries by 250 million players. The sport is tremendously prevalent among the people; children and adults and is also deemed to be the most exciting games. The more famous and prestigious matches attract up to 100,000 people and more besides the millions who are glued to their television sets. It is one of the most popular games in the world. There are different forms of football which can be known in history, normally prevalent as the peasant games. Modern ciphers of football can be traced back to the nineteenth century when the systemization of games happened at English public schools. Football spread outside the boundaries of Britain as the British Empire expanded their area of rule. By the end of 19th century the distinctive regional code were emergent: for instance Gaelic football intentionally integrated the rules of local traditional football games to uphold their heritage. The Football League was founded in England in 1888, which was also the first of many professional football competitions. By 20th century many football associations were formed and became some of the most popular team sports of the world.


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