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The author of the book viz., The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World, Niall Ferguson, reveals the significance of money in tandem with human existence. He has meticulously traced back the evolution of this pecuniary element from as early as ancient Mesopotamian civilization to its present alarming turbulence and instability observed all across the globe similar to the concerns over global warming. The progressive ascent has rightly been termed asPlanet Finance. The author vividly enumerates the prolonged history of money, credit and banking. To be precise, it accounts for growth of money as a trading entity, establishes a link with successive progress and influence on the modern socio-economic genre and identifies its smart entry into the realm of 21st-century stir and spectacle.
Published in 2008, this book was converted into a documentary with successful streaming at highly regarded television channels like PBS (USA) and Channel 4 (UK).It boasts of an International Emmy Award, conferred in 2009.
About the author
Niall Ferguson is deemed one of the most celebrated historians the world has ever witnessed. He has authored a plethora of insatiable creations that the readers feel fortunate to delve deep and admire. The list of books is countless, but some of the cardinal compositions need special mention. The House of Rothschild, Paper and Iron, The Cash Nexus, The War of the World, The Pity of War, The Ascent of Money, Empire Colossus, The great Degeneration, Kissinger, 1923-1968, High Financier, The Square and the Tower are some of the prolific masterpieces to treasure.
Born in Glasgow, the United Kingdom in the year 1955, Niall Campbell Ferguson is known to be an eminent Scottish historian, who is presently associated with Hoover Institution under the aegis of Stanford University, USA in the capacity of a senior fellow. The students of Harvard University were also blessed with his teachings and in turn, had been fortunate enough to have entered the ever-shining corridor of wisdom.


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