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Long gone is the time when marketing existed solely on newspapers. Stemming from the core need of every brand to set itself apart in the ever growing, overcrowded market place, marketing has evolved into more than an advertisement in the local newspapers or a piece of paper stuck to the wall.

Marketing is almost as old as civilization itself. Ever since we started selling things, we began to rely on marketing to gain profits. What started as word of mouth, grew in newspaper advertisement and soon took its place in radio and television ads. Very soon we started using phones as a medium of attracting customers and tele-marketing turned into the next big thing. What was annoying for many customers was one of the best sources of gaining new customers for many companies.

As computers began to replace all other mediums more distinctively, the marketing landscape gradually evolved to embrace technology. It found social media to be the best place to set camp and so we live in an age today where every time we open Facebook we are flooded with advertisements that encourage us to make some exciting purchases or sign up for services that can change our lives.

Marketing is one of those aspects of the industry which is quick to change. It does not sit and wait to be accepted as is. It embraces new changes and new technology as soon as it is introduced, because it realizes that it relies on the ‘survival of the fittest’.

Companies exist only if clients know them. Without adequate visibility, they may bite the dust sooner than they may have hoped. Facebook with a huge number of users makes it one of the best places to tap into potential customers and engage with current ones.

Through this book, we intend to explore the different aspects of Facebook marketing. From the way business is conducted on the platform to the tools that are utilized by Facebook marketers. We will discuss all of them and talk about how Facebook has created a new era of marketing for brands.

We will also take a look at some successes and failures that brands have had on Facebook which can be used by you if you plan to use Facebook to market your brand. With an insight into Facebook marketing and how it works, you should be able to make business decisions regarding the marketing of your brand with more clarity.


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