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There are a handful people who are born to make it to the zenith. From being a businessman to becoming ‘The President’ of the United States of America; Donald Trump has indeed reflected some brilliant characteristics on how determination can get you to the heights that you desire. The President of United States of America is the elected head of state and the head of government and is listed as one of the most powerful persons in the world, in whose hands rests the worlds contemporary superpower. As the commander-in-chief of the deadliest military and access to the nuclear arsenal, Donald Trump has now to show the citizens of United States of America what he is capable of doing for his people and the world.
The man who has been able to stand tall amidst all adversities and emerge victorious – Donald Trump, has taught the world that you don’t have to be a favourite of the people to run one of the planet’s strongest nations. America has ushered a new era with the triumph of Trump in the elections.
This eBook pens down the journey of Donald Trump from birth till his way in to the White House.


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