Customer Relationship Management is associated with the integration of marketing sales, customer service and supply chain functions of the company to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in delivering customer satisfaction. It is a team effort of people working together towards achieving the maximum profit for the industry.

There are many aspects of CRM that should be kept in mind.

It begins with finding of customers which require the use of their products. Once the relationship is established it is important to remain in touch with the customer. The company creates a database of its clients for the same. The organisation should also understand the cooperative and collaborative relationship that exists between the customer and the company.

Customer Selectivity and Market Productivity also has its own role to play.

Since the pre-industrialisation, CRM has been into use. it started with the basic pen and paper entries on ledgers and now the advancements have taken place on such a high pace that now we have Cloud-Based CRMs and Mobile CRMs in use.

There are certain components of Customer Relationship Management. Each of the component plays an important role in running the CRM.The components work hand in hand to ensure proper selection of the customer, proper surveillance on the working of the company, hiring of the workers to carry out the production, proper marketing of the product and its advertisement in the market and finally the evaluation through analytics.

There are different types of CRM platforms available to them endowed with different features and advantage. Before any one of the systems are put into use, the organisation should figure out their goal and strategy beforehand for obtaining maxima results.

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The Customer Relationship Management comprises of the CRM software and the customers and both these are an important driving factor for the functioning of CRM within a firm. For efficient functioning of the CRM it is important to keep a check on each of these factors and make improvements whenever needed.

The scope of CRM use within different industries, firms and fields is different and are often integrated with different technologies as per the requirements. It has great employment opportunities to provide us with which still needs to be unravelled.

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