The crash course which is designed to improve the knowledge and skill of the students on the performance of the company is ‘Return on Assets’. The crash course allows the students to improve on their knowledge of the financial management. There are many people who are interested in understanding how the company has performed. The creation of a report that shows how effectively the assets are being utilized to generate profits or revenue for the organization is what is covered in the course using different tools. The tools or different calculations that form the basis of these reports are covered in the course.

There are different factors that are covered in the course which includes the need, application, and calculations for knowing whether the investments made are made in the right direction or not. Many business organizations make use of this knowledge to know if the management is performing to its optimum level and if there is a need for bringing a change in the management styles. Different tools which are used in the process are useful for a different situation to see if the business is looking for a change. It is an indicator of the performance and hence considered highly useful for organizations.

The students who have a financial background will only benefit from the course. The minimum required would be a graduate degree in finance. The course is basic in nature but does not explain things at that level. It requires prior knowledge so that the students can improve on their understanding and make calculations. It cannot be treated as a substitute for any other degree form. The course duration is small and lasts a few months. The students are supposed to complete a test at the end of the course to gain the certificate of completion. The knowledge of finance and the improved understanding of the tools and calculations make the students become a critical resource to any organization. This is a step to improve on the employability of the students and they can prove to be a better resource than other when facing a competition.

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The course has both online and offline study options and the course material for them all is the same. The idea is to provide an option for both students and professionals. The students who have completed their degree prefer the regular classes as they have the time and they are habituated of that form of learning. Employees or professionals who have working hours or prior commitments prefer the online course that provides them flexibility with the study hours and time. The course duration is a month and post that the exams are conducted.

The end exam is important that clearing it will only ensure that the students have working and application knowledge on the topic. The course structure varies from institute to institute but pretty much revolve around the same content. The whole syllabus is broken down for ease of understanding and in accordance to the importance. The students are free to choose the course and they can get enrolled in the one they like.

The course will require knowledge of accounting and the laws that govern the subject. It is important that along with the knowledge the students also have some interest in the subject.

Since finance is a huge field and there are many different factors that make up the company, the students should self-evaluate their reasons to enroll for a course otherwise it will not be very beneficial to them. Any professional who has the added course in their resume will benefit from it for sure. It is the knowledge which will not only provide an edge in an interview but is very helpful in real life situations where the professional take decision about the company and its progress.

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The return on assets is criterions which bring out the effective application of the assets. Since there are many related decisions which are attached to them the knowledge is highly beneficial.

The students who have prior knowledge and interest in the topic find it really easy to perform well in them. The course is not enough alone and should be accompanied by the degree to complete the knowledge and improve on the skill.

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