What is Cholesterol and how it can affect your health?

Among those so many reasons behind having bad health conditions, one is to get cholesterol rate higher in body which restricts whole of the system inside stomach from properly working and thus which lead to different kinds of problems.

But there are many people who don’t really know about this and thus eat whatever they get to so as to get their hunger satisfied, these people need to stop here and learn that not every kind of food is good for you, no matter if it is been cooked in home itself or not. Every dish has its own specifications among which some of them will match your body needs and some of them will not. Thinking about why to take care of body needs? Well, one thing to say here is that body needs are more important than you, if you are not giving that proper nutrition which your body is actually asking for, then you are doing nothing but pushing yourself towards a hell, a deep hell. Obviously without any doubt, if you don’t fulfill someone’s needs you are expecting a good result from, then they won’t be giving you any kind of positive result or effect, not at all. So, it is important that before taking in any kind of food, you first have a look towards the specifications about whether it is good for your body or not and then make a decision. It may be the case that you are not convinced yet and so making a little more points on how this high cholesterol can lead your life towards an end and that too without you making any kind of good life for you and your family.

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Now, let us start this with the introduction about what is this cholesterol actually all about. In proper terms, Cholesterol is basically that fat kind of substance made by liver which can be found in all cells of the body. Moving ahead, there are some people, who mistake this substance as that bad thing which can only be present in body causing negative effects, but here you people need to know that there is nothing like that as it also is present in body to contribute towards our health and well-being. This cholesterol helps your body to construct those hormones, vitamin – D and substances which can help you in the process of digesting. And this thing is generally made up by your body itself so as to keep body in proper working manner, also you can find this cholesterol in some of your food products which many of the health inspectors restrict from consuming as this will cause excess of fat in body that is totally not good. If we get into those deep roots of the thing and talk about how it travels across your body, the answer is that this makes up its way through your blood stream and travels all across your body. It takes its place in small packages which are known by the name of low density lipoproteins (LDL) and high density lipoproteins (HDL), among which LDL is considered as bad one as higher quantity of this can lead to high cholesterol in your arteries while HDL is sometimes considered as that good one as this carries all of the cholesterol distributed throughout your body back to the liver and liver thus get it vanish off from your body. But this totally doesn’t mean that body can work without any one of them, both are equally important for one’s body to survive.

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Now, what is that high blood cholesterol which is been considered as main topic of concern and discussion. So, talking about this, high blood cholesterol is that condition in which you get that high cholesterol collected in your arteries. There is not any kind of specific symptom to know about this, which basically means that person won’t be knowing about the same if they have high cholesterol in their body or not. Moving ahead, what is that bad effect of this thing on one’s body? The person with high cholesterol is more vulnerable to the disease which is known as coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease or in simple language a heart disease. In this condition, a plaque kind of material builds up in arteries of heart (which are working upon taking oxygen throughout your body), which with time keeps hardening and thus cause an artery to block by narrowing it that could also lead it to break down and cause a blood clot on the surface of plaque. And with time this may also completely block the blood flow through the arteries which can lead to a serious problem like heart attack or angina. Plaque is made up of a fat, cholesterol, calcium and many other substances that can be found in heart. This condition of plaque building up inside an artery is what we call Atherosclerosis.

What is Angina?

Angina is some kind of discomfort or you can say a chest pain in which one can feel a pressure or squeeze type feeling in chest, which can also be experienced in shoulders, jaw, neck or arm.

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Occurrence of heart attack: This can only be caused when arteries are completely blocked by the plaque and thus which eventually lead to the blockage of blood flow through the same.

It is important for people to get it treated or reduce the use of cholesterol rich food so as to restore the blood flow, or else that only muscle begins to die which will in anyway lead to more serious conditions or death.

And, this is not only about the heart there are also many of those other places where this plaque can form on arteries and restrict the blood flow through your brain or limbs which can bring in action the problems like carotid artery disease or stroke or peripheral artery disease. Even kidneys and stones can also become the part of this which can cause various kinds of problems in digestion.

There are also many of the effects which can sometimes tell you that your heart is not getting that proper amount of blood and so you need to look upon the same such as jaw pain (if you are feeling any kind of jaw pain, time to know that there is something wrong with your heart and get it checked), numbness in legs, blood stools (many people suffer with such problem, if you are also the one it is that perfect time to do something about it), chest pain and blockage in brain.
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