Thermodynamics has a black body and all the engineering students must be well aware of that already. Based on the understanding of the black body, there are hundreds of concepts that are studied in the thermal engineering and so many problems are solved in the industries since so many years now. Black hole is just one and the same like the black body of thermodynamics.

Nearest black hole to Earth is just 1600 light years away from the planet. Is that safer? Certainly yes, that is completely safest distance to not to bother about what is happening in that black hole which is located almost on the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. Does it mean that there is no threat from the cosmic space to the planet earth? One can give no guarantee on that part at any time.

It is just because of the humongous size of the universe earth is safer for humans to live here. Yet, it is not completely safe because of the fact that there are so many asteroids, craters and meteors that are continuously being flung onto the space by the so many supernova chemical actions that are happening on the cosmos intermittently. A fragment from a distant star is alone good enough to change the destiny of the whole world.

Yet, there are safety features that are specialty offered by nature, with the unique benefits of being part of the solar system. The entire solar system is far away from the black holes and the other major threats that can suck away our whole planet earth. Can anyone survive a black hole?

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Event horizon

The surface rings of the black holes are the event horizon. It is pretty important for the humans to not to send satellites closer to these event horizons. The moment it reaches the proximity of the black holes, they are swallowed through these even horizons. These are outer rings of the black holes which otherwise can be called as the mouth of the black hole monster.

How long is the effect of the black holes? Till how much distance the astral objects can move safely without being snatched into the claws of the black holes? All these questions remain unanswered even all until now as it is one of the complicated subjects to study about something that is magnanimous and hard to follow from such a huge distance.

Jump into a black hole simulation to understand the conservation of energy examples better. The black hole sound effect can be felt and wondered when anyone does so. Over the years of the black holes existence on the galaxy, it keeps bulging on and on with whatever objects that it has sucked inside voraciously. It means the mass that it can gain can reach a maximum potential of about 50 billion times the size of the sun. After that point the black hole gets shredded.

How are black holes formed for kids to understand about the concept? It is not something so easy to show exactly on what happens to time in a black hole? Yet, smaller level of simulations is being made in the planetariums’. Just like anything else in the cosmos, the black holes do have their own birth and death. Nothing lasts long for infinity in the material universe and that is true with the case of universe and its magnanimous black holes too.

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Two black holes colliding simulation
This is a possibility and there are intermediate black holes too.
When this happens that is supernova. So, what do scientists look for in space that might indicate the presence of a black hole? It is the difference in the environment that shows the potential possibilities for a black hole to be present in the confined space of the cosmos.

Acceleration is greater for a satellite when it is at the brink of the black hole. Understanding that the path has to be deviated instantly. Else the satellite goes mad after some time only travelling towards the point of the event horizon of the black hole. Get to know the event horizon definition and by then it is easy to understand if anyone can survive a black hole.

All the galaxies do have black holes and these black holes are like dust bins that keep the galaxy clean. Say for instance the number of stars in your galaxy is 1000 in the year 2012. Over a period of time, in the year 2022, some hundreds of stars are dying. What happens to the dying star? The dying star moves away from its point of location where it was stationary or revolving for thousands of year’s moves away to get completely deteriorated, shredded and disappears finally when the gases are no more contained together as one star.

Learners often ask the question on how the speed of earth’s orbit around the sun would change if the earth’s mass. If there is a change in the mass in earth then certainly that is going to affect the gravity between the sun and the planet. That means the path can get shifted from its path right now. The path will go off farther from the sun, to a certain extent rather than being pulled inside to go close to the sun. Mass on earth is contributed by its central core which is nothing but pure lava or magma inside. That is the reason for the gravity to exist all until now. When the mass decreases, then the gravity is supposed to decrease and in turn the distance between the sun and the earth goes wider. It means the orbit is not the one and the same anymore.

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The best way to understand this is to see the black hole simulation video. What could happen by then? The dying black hole is supposed to collapse before its death. The entire objects insider or the gases deform and flung into the cosmos.

Changes are devastating at that time in that galaxy. Size of the hole determines the changes, though. What happens to things that go into a black hole is the same when things are getting thrown out of it too. Temperature is high and the speed is high as well.

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