The word biology has been derived from two Greek words, ‘Bios’ meaning ‘Life’ and ‘Logos’ meaning ‘Study’ and thus is defined as the science that carries out studies of life, living organisms, and their evolution.

Biology is concerned with carrying out studies of physical structure, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, development, evolution, and chemical processes taking place within a living organism. For biology, ‘cell’ is regarded to be the basic unit of life, ‘gene’ as the basic unit of heredity and ‘evolution’ is considered to be the engine that is responsible for driving the processes of creation and extinction of species.

A person who possesses the knowledge of biology has the opportunity to work in a variety of fields, namely research, healthcare, environmental conservation, education, forensic science, biotechnology, economics, business and industries, government policies, and many others.

Biology has also been referred to as the study of life and has facilitated helping people in shaping up the world to some extent. Within biology lies many reliable and credible answers that explain why things happen in a scientific manner.

The field of biology consists of numerous research fields that make use of the scientific method to procure results. This gives the biologists the appropriate space and the chance that they require to display their ideas along with the evidence and it also provides the opportunity to test others’ ideas for themselves.

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