A problem that seems to be spreading globally at an alarming rate – cybercrime seems to have annihilated millions. There are none spared. There is always a mind working on how to breach the security of the cyberspace. Besides the smaller cybercrimes committed for money, the more serious ones include drug dealing, pornography, prostitution, cyber stalking, and stealing your identity. There is a long list of cybercrimes committed throughout the world and this list just seems to be increasing. The human mind is unfathomable and some of them are exceptionally astute and some of such minds go astray. It is a matter of time until technology developed for security is overpowered by someone, which is why there is no space for anything obsolete in the cyber world. The offenders look for systems that are obsolete and can be broken into. The phrase, “prevention is better than cure” cannot be used in a better place than here. Safeguarding the system and using the best possible anti-virus helps in shunning the offenders.

There is a long trail of cybercrimes that have left marks deep enough to be remembered by mankind. The damages are economic, political, and at times, social.

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