Art HistoryArt history is all about challenging the creative side of yourself, inspiring you to find beauty in all forms. Since the beginning of the world, mankind has known and practiced art in different styles, from the crude drawings and paintings of the caveman to the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci. Art history spans the entire history of the human race, right from the primeval times to the 21st century.

It is the study of objects of art and the style, design and genre that they have been made in. This includes paintings, sculptures, architecture, and even furniture and other decorative arts like ceramics. Art History embraces various methods to study the works of art and architecture. The field of art is much easier to understand when divided into three parts, which is the specialists, the critics, and the art historians.

The part played by the art critics is very crucial, because they are the ones who help in establishing a comparative artistic value to the piece of work with respect to the works of others of the same genre. They have the authority to sanction an entire new style or a movement or philosophy of art and art theory. There is another department of study known as Aesthetics and it mostly deals in investigating the problem of the transcendent and defining the quintessence of beauty. On the other hand, Art History has nothing to do with any of these.

Art historians use historical methods to find answers about a historical piece of art, to questions such as: How was the artist inspired to create the particular work? Who was the teacher? Who were the spectators? What historic events influenced the artist’s work? What effects did the art create socially and politically?

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