The algorithms we use every single day in every walk of life is simply originated by a mathematician. They are widely used in computer science and mathematics. We personally use it many times in our everyday routine. The algorithms provide step by step instructions for calculations. For the determination of solutions and the data analysis, the algorithms are used.

Today’s life is almost impossible without algorithms. There are various people whose eyes glaze over algorithms.

The algorithms should be finite. They are not endless but have do have a finite structure. Moreover, the overview is also sustained. It should also have well-defined instructions. Each step in the sequence is supposedly to be calculated and monitored. There should be no ambiguity. It should be effective and should be useful enough for the coder or any of the users.

Not only in the walls of computer lab or math lab but also in the kitchen, the use of the algorithm is widespread. When you wander about the unknown roads and ask someone for your destination, that solution is also in the form of an algorithm.

No matter how long is the distance, but the set guidelines and instructions which should be followed are mandatory. The more we look upon on the algorithm characteristics and its motives, the more advantageous it looks. It gathers our input and delivers various ways to feature and solve our problem with the desired solution. The algorithm holds great importance when it comes to making the person understand our problem and help us to achieve our goals in definite time and help us. The recipe for any cooking dish will be able to produce definite results. It ignores all the mistakes which might occur when the algorithm was not available. In order to get definite results and to let the work done smoothly, we should always follow the algorithms.

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The term algorithm was first coined in the year 1600. We have to attribute it to the Babylonians. They made algorithms that have been used in factorizing and to help find the square roots. All these ventures have become very simple. The great mathematician such as Euclid has produced his famous algorithms in 300 BC. These algorithms have been following the Eratosthenes. The Gaussian elimination was also dealing with these subjects in 700 BC. The algorithm was originated in the 9 th century. There were millions of mathematicians who were struggling to deal with the solutions of many problems. Abu Abdullah Khwarizmi is known as the father of algebra. The Baghdad mathematician had been working well on these subjects. The Latin translations have been dealing with these subjects and they termed the formulae or instructions for any problem as the algorithm.

The history repeats itself. These translations which were beyond our reach are nowadays used in million ways which are assured in various ventures. The Latin word algorithm has been derived from the roots of a mathematician working on the algebra. There are various mathematicians who have used methods unambiguously in specifications to solve a wide range of problems. They can perform the calculations with the help of automation. The reasoning can also be achieved with the help of data processing. All these effective processing methods were initiated or coined by great mathematician Muhammad Khwarizmi. The formal and partial science was achieved by the means of the word ‘algorithm’. The randomized computation of data was the setbacks of the calculation of big data analysis and deterministic approach laid down by the algorithm. The computer needs several instructions to perform a specific command. These instructions and guidelines are algorithms or the procedures. The algorithms should be input and output oriented. They need to deal with defined and formal language.

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The finite number is well defined and the instructions which are put forward. The computation materials when executed through the finite number are also specified. The subsequent formalizations need to be verified properly so as to achieve the desired output. When it comes to dealing with the algorithms, they need to supply the amount of information required. It takes quite a long time to figure out the basis of the input and frame the algorithms. These algorithms are specific and unique.

Nowadays, algorithms are used in every status of life. Be it computer science or mathematics. They need to follow up certain instructions for different coding languages. They are similar to various guidelines which form the strong foundation of any program. The more we indulge into the deep roots of algorithms, the more we understand the importance and applications of the algorithms.

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